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This is India’s tallest Maruti Jimny with enormous sets of wheels

Maruti Jimny

There are photos circulating online of a highly modified Maruti Suzuki Jimny that’s turning heads. It’s been equipped with massive all-terrain tires and a lift kit, making it look quite imposing. Maruti Suzuki India Limited plans to showcase this customized Jimny at a major event called “Rock and Road.” The vehicle was modified by a group called ‘Gerrari Offroaders,’ led by Mr. Kabir Waraich.

The standout feature of this Jimny is its oversized mud-terrain tires and new alloy wheels. To accommodate these large tires, the car has been lifted, and the stock bumper has been cut to prevent interference. Additionally, there’s a snorkel installed on the right A-pillar, which helps the car handle water better when off-roading.

Maruti Suzuki Jimny modifed with huge wheels and tyres

It’s likely that the Jimny has also received suspension upgrades to handle the weight of the new tires. Furthermore, the engine might undergo modifications to increase its power output, as the added weight could strain the original engine. The Jimny typically comes with a 1.5-liter engine producing 104 PS and 134.6 Nm of torque, with both manual and automatic transmission options. In India, the Jimny is available in two variants: the Zeta and the Alpha, with prices starting from Rs 10.74 lakh.