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Top 10 most sold SUV’s in April 2021-Creta beats Seltos and Brezza

2020 Hyundai Creta vs New Kia Seltos Top Variant - Comparison Video

Hyundai and Kia Motors India has been consistently dominating the SUV sales chart with it’s Mid-size and Compact-Crossovers. Not a long ago, Hyundai India reached one million SUV production milestone in it’s Tamil Nadu Plant largely due to massive sales of Creta.

For April 2021, again the Creta tops the list with 12,463 units sold. The Year-on-Year comparison as of now is not to be considered due to huge production halts taken in the wake of rising health crises. It’s sibling though positioned itself at 2nd spot with 11,245 units sold.

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It is the Brezza which comes in at 3rd position with 11,220 units sold as it finished with it’s sales with just 25 units short to Venue. The Kia Seltos finished at 4th place. With Compact SUV receiving huge attentions from buyers, it is unsurprisingly to see good numbers of them making to the Top 10.