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Top 5 Electric cars with best range in the world

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Electric Vehicles are the new change in the Automobile Era now. Almost every manufacturer is keen to keep their hand at least partially in this industry. The Range of EV’s has been increasing drastically over the time. The average range of battery in 2015 was around 200 Km which has been increased dramatically to 350 Km in 2020. Below we have listed out EV’s offered with best range.

1. Tesla Model 3 (Long Range)

Tesla is unquestionably the largest EV manufacturer in the world. The US based EV Maker has a vast influence not only in it’s Home Market but also in other nations as well. It’s Model 3 (Long Range Trim) is claimed to deliver a whopping EPA range of 568 Km which makes it the Car with best range in the world.

2. Tesla Model X (Long Range)

The Tesla Model X comes across as performance-oriented variant of the Model X. Despite sporting such characteristics, The EV is claimed to deliver an EPA range of 527 Km.

3. Tesla Model S Performance

Undoubtedly, the Model S has been one of the best product from Tesla Model S due to the kind of versatility and Driver-friendly aspects it offers. The Model S Deliver a claimed Range of 524 Km. However, the All-new Model S Plaid which will be coming in the place of Model S Performance is claimed to deliver a mouth-watering range of 627 Km.

4. Tesla Model 3 Performance

Presently, Tesla Model 3 comes across as a popular and best selling EV in the World. This entry-level luxury Sedan is claimed to deliver a range of 498 km on a single charge.

5. Ford Mustang Mach-E

Whoosh!! Finally a car in the list which is a not a ‘Tesla’. The Ford Mustang Mach-E positions itself at fifth spot. This High-performance electric SUV is said to have a claimed EPA range of 490 km on a single charge.