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Top 5 important Driving tips to be considered in Monsoon.

Mumbai Rains: Driving on Flooded Roads? Tips To Stay Safe!

Monsoon season is the most loved season by any avid driving enthusiast. Steering to nearby places amid the foggy hills and dewy mornings is a dream for many. As a result, preparing your vehicle for monsoon season is very essential to avoid any mishap.

Here are a few safety practices for your vehicle:-

1.Check functioning of the breaks– During monsoon, especially, owing to the wet roads breaks are difficult to apply. Therefore, ensure your brakes are in working state to avoid any adversity. Nowadays, cars are equipped with ABS system which makes driving on slippery roads comparatively safer.

2.Sufficient tyre threads-  The minute threads over the tyres play an important role in providing grip while driving. The ideal length of tyre threads should be around 2mm. If the thread is on the same level as of the tyre, it should be changed immediately as it is an indicator that the tyres are worn out. Punctures and tyre busting are among the consequences of extreme worn out tyres.

3.Wiper blades- Ensure your wiper blades are cleaning the windshield without leaving any streak or mark. Having unclear windshield not only hampers your visibility but also the refracts the light from other vehicles. Moreover, any major scratches on the windshield should  be removed in advance before monsoon for a better visibility.

4.Maintain distance– Keeping a safe distance while driving during rainy days will always be the most important advice. Applying immediate breaks in case of emergency becomes a difficult task, as the tyres tend to lose their grip. Furthermore, over speeding or over taking unnecessarily is big NO-NO.

5.Keeping AC on– Turning your air conditioner helps to prevent fogging inside the car by keeping the windscreen clear. Keeping your windows slightly open will moisten your car, hence, hindering the road view.