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Top 5 reasons not to buy 2020 Mahindra Thar

Mahindra Thar Prices Announced – Odisha Bytes

Enjoying  a super strong demand and enquiries in the nation, the waiting period of this Mighty SUV now goes up as high as 1.1 years depending on the Variants and Cities.

People are straight away rushing at Mahindra Showrooms without being aware of certain cons of the Mahindra Thar. Of course, the Pros of this Lifestyle-offroader are multiple times the Cons and it has proven itself to be one of most capable product on sale in India right now. Below we have listed out some of the Cons of Mahindra Thar after personally experiencing it on our Indian roads and after a thorough fact-based research, you should be aware of before adding one in your respective garage.

1. Expensive than it’s predecessor

The Thar had always been known for it’s rugged off-roading capabilities which it used to offer at an extremely affordable price tag. The 2019 Thar’s base variant used to retail at around Rs. 7.24L (ex-showroom) whereas the current Diesel Thar’s base variant retails at Rs. 12.10 lakh (ex-showroom) which is huge Rs. 5 lakh price difference over it’s predecessor, yes it gets all goodies (features, powerful engines etc) for that added extra price but that’s certainly not what it’s target audience genuinely looked for (At least upto this extent). An optional lite version with less powerful engine and features would have done a great justice to it’s target audience, which by the way is likely to hit Indian Shores soon.

2. Fuel-Guzzler (Petrol AT)

The Petrol Thar AT is powered by a 2.0L mStallion Petrol engine which produces 150 BHP and 320 NM of power and torque respectively. Now despite being a turbo-petrol unit the Thar fails to deliver at least an acceptable mileage and that’s largely due to it’s heavy weight. In city, under normal driving conditions, the Thar was roughly returning about 6.3 Kmpl of mileage and on Highway it extended all the way till 8.7 Kmpl. Also note, in order to extract the best out of it you have to maintain a speed of around 85-90 Kph. However, the Buyers of such vehicles generally don’t pay attention towards fuel-economy but the skyrocketing fuel prices in our nation might be problematic for some.

3. Unstable at High speeds

The Thar has got that typical ‘Side Movements’ at high speeds (100-110 Kph) one usually associates with such boxy vehicles. Even after hitting bumps and potholes at lower speeds the Thar doesn’t maintain it’s posture. However, Compared to it’s predecessor it’s extremely well-controlled. Adding to this, there is also a noticeable Road Noise and Wind noise (due to Big ORVM’s) which constantly filters through the Cabin at high speed but that’s something which isn’t a deal breaker and one can live with it.

4. Not Practical

With the rear seats unfolded the Mahindra Thar offers a puny boot space which is good enough for small-sized bags. However, after folding the seats flat there is great amount of room to carry out luggage. Limited place to store in bottles or other nick-knacks in the second-row further drops down the practicality.

5. Missing Equipment

The Mahindra Thar’s Range-topping model retails at 13.75 lakhs (ex-showroom) which nearly hits 17 lakhs (0n-road) after adding the taxes, insurance etc. Despite being retailed at such price, Thar misses out on features like Rear Wipers and washers, Auto-Dimming IRVM, Reverse-Parking Camera, Auto Headlamps, Electrically foldable ORVM’s, Centre Armrest, dead pedal, Projector or LED Headlamps (Though the stocks work exceptionally well).