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Top 6 effective hacks you must apply to save fuel and running cost

Rajasthan: Petrol pumps to remain closed on April 10 | Jaipur News - Times of IndiaFuel prices have reached sky-high from the past week and shall continue to escalate in the coming days. The worst-hit category from this rise is none other than middle-income group people.

With the deadly strike of COVID-19 from the previous year, people not only were dismissed from their workplaces but faced sufferings in terms of losing their family members or main bread-earners. Owing to the plunging purchasing power of people, many of them have shifted towards public transportation and abandoned travelling via personal vehicles. However, the current restrictions do not allow the operating of public transport and people are left with no choice but to commute via their vehicles.

Here are a few hacks you must try to save fuel:

1.Avoid overfilling– Often, people refill their tanks to the brim to avoid filling it time again. But this practice is a big NO-NO! Vapours created by fuels like Petrol and Diesel tend to create pressure inside the tank which results in decreasing the mileage and thereby hampering the engine’s efficiency. A decrease in the efficiency of the engine results in soaking up from petrol or diesel. 

2.Time of filling– Yes, the time of filling your tank matters too! At night, when the temperature falls the liquid particles present in the underground storage tank contracts and hence, occupy less space. In turn, you marginally get more fuel at the same price.

3.Turn off A/C– Switching on your car’s air conditioner uses up more fuel especially while driving at low speed. The range can go as high as up to 10%. Hence, try to switch off your a/c while driving in the city or crowded areas. 

4.Use manual cars– As per some reports, automatic cars consume as much as 15% – 20% more fuel as compared to any manual car. Though car manufacturers are aware of this difference and are trying to fix the mechanics behind it to date this variation cannot be overlooked. 

5.Avoid unnecessary acceleration– Driving at a moderate speed of 90kmph causes fuel consumption to remain minimum. Every time the accelerator is stressed heavily, the engine enters “fuel-enrichment” mode causing more fuel exhaustion. 

6.Lighten car burden– Adding heavy stuff into your boot or back seat increases the pressure while applying brakes and hence stressing the engine more. Moreover, using an excess of accessories like roof racks tend to increase the wind resistance and resulting in fuel wastage.