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Top 8 Car Features that Indians like the most

Panoramic Sunroof - Francois K - Rev Up Your Life
It’s become quite difficult for Manufacturers to study Indian Automobile Market Now, Gone other days wherein Manufacturers only used to focused on mileage and competitive pricing because India was an highly price and mileage sensitive Market back then.

This time around, including competitive pricing and mileage, people in India give utter importance to Features so much so that they even ignore safety at the time of purchasing (Not usually though). Below we have listed out some of the features that Indians are highly obsessed with.

1. Sunroof

There’s no deny to the fact that the Sunroof is a feature that Indians are highly obsessed with so much so that sometimes they consider it as an important factor while purchasing a Car.

Pros and Cons of Panoramic Sunroof Pros and Cons of Panoramic Sunroof

Nowadays ‘Panoramic Sunroof’ has started to catch the Trend wherein the glass covers almost 85% of the area, throwing massive sense of airiness. It was the ‘Hyundai Creta 2020’ which actually started growing strong obsession amongst Indians with “Panoramic Sunroof” (in our opinion), The reason being it is the cheapest car in the nation to feature ‘Panoramic Sunroof’.

2. LED Lights

Now we all must be aware with the fact that Indians just love the thing which seeks attention for them. This feature just does that perfectly. Have you ever being delighted by seeing those sharp and elegantly shaped LED DRL’s of Some Cars at cloudy weather? Instantly catches your eyes. doesn’t it?

Matrix LED Headlights: Redefine Adaptive Front-lighting With Smart High Beam Technology

These bright LED DRL’s not only works as fancy feature but also doubles-up as an helping hand in reducing road accidents by suddenly alerting the upcoming Cars due to it’s terrific illumination.

3. Connected Car technology

This feature caught the Trend due to ‘MG Hector’ wherein you were just supposed to send the command to the infotainment system and it will get almost all the things done for you. For example, Rolling down windows, increase/decrease A/C temperature, adjusting blower speed, opening sunroof etc.

MG Hector Can Recognise Over 90 Voice Commands

This feature made Indians really fall for the MG Hector, which positively reflected in it’s initial sales figure.

4.Ventilated Seats

Instead of having cold air blow into the cabin, this option saves energy by creating a more comfortable place. It eliminates that horrible burn you feel after sitting on super-heated upholstery after your car has a long day in the sun.

Sponsored Feature: Hyundai Verna: Features Overloaded - Feature - Autocar India

In a tropical country like ours having a car with ventilated seats is a blessing and that’s the reason We Indians appreciate this feature a lot. Presently, The ‘Kia Sonet’ is the most affordable car in the nation to offer this feature.

5. Keyless entry or and Engine Start/Stop Button

This is one of the most cumbersome-free feature, as the driver is only required to carry the key in his pocket. A soft button is being placed on the front door handles to get the car locked/unlocked.

New device can be used to hack into Keyless-entry cars - -

Additionally, you are not supposed to slot the key and rotate it upwards to get the car started. The Engine start/stop button lets you to do it just with a single press of a button.

6. Powered Seats

Electric Car Seat Won't Move Forward? Here's What To Do – The Auto Sunday

This is a feature which used to be propounded only in some Luxury cars back then. As soon as manufacturers started adding this feature in some affordable cars, Indians became fond of it, as it offered the convenience with just a slide of a button in order to set a comfortable and precise driving position for the Driver.

7. Swiping Blinkers

So initially it was Audi which set the trend of this feature, It made Indians like it upto a great extent. The manufacturers of such blinkers were being boomed by the immense amount of order they received from aftermarket retailers.

Renault Captur Floating Indicator | AUTOBICS

It was the Renault Captur which was the most affordable car in India with this features, unfortunately it’s not on sale in India anymore. However, presently the MG Hector is the only car under 20L price bracket to offer this feature.

8. Wireless Charger

Wireless chargers in cars pointless or must have? Pros and cons explained - The Financial Express..

The growing trend of mobile phones with wireless charging feature has even led the Auto-Manufacturers to add a feature called ‘Wireless charging pad’. It not only gets ourselves free from wire and inserting work but also helps in getting the Smartphone charged by a great speed.