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Toyota Fortuner, Innova Crysta, Hilux delivery stopped in India

Toyota Fortuner Delivery stopped
Image Source – TeamBHP

Toyota has stopped sending the Innova Crysta, Fortuner, and Hilux vehicles to customers in India. This is because there are problems with how three types of diesel engines work. These engines are called the 1GD, 2GD, and F33A. In India, cars use the 2.8-liter 1GD and 2.4-liter 2GD engines. These engines are made by Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO).

Toyota Innova Crysta

Experts are checking if these engines meet the standards correctly. They found that the software used to measure engine power is different from what it should be.

Toyota says this doesn’t make the power and torque numbers wrong, and it doesn’t affect how clean the car’s emissions are or how safe the cars are. Although Toyota isn’t sending these cars to customers right now, they are still making them and you can still order them if you want