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Two Tata Nexon with same number plate to avoid traffic challans, owner arrested

In an attempt to evade the confiscation of his vehicle by financiers, an individual resorted to illegal means, as revealed in a recent online video showing a Tata Nexon with a forged number plate from another identical vehicle. Shared on Facebook by Khabar Greater Noida West, the video depicts two Tata Nexons bearing the same number plate “UP 16 DY 4318.”

The cameraman first showcases one of the vehicles parked at Devika Gold Homes in Noida before revealing another Tata Nexon in the same color scheme with the identical number plate. The latter is identified as the original car belonging to Saurabh Verma.

tata nexon same number noida

Verma explains that he received a call inquiring about his car parked at Devika Gold Homes, but upon checking, he found his vehicle in his society’s parking lot. Suspecting foul play, Verma visits the location mentioned in the call and parks his car beside the one with the forged number plate, confirming the deception. The imposter vehicle is later traced to businessman Shivam Singh, who, fearing confiscation due to financial issues following his separation from his wife, resorted to forging the number plate.

Following the viral video, the Greater Noida police initiated an investigation, leading to Singh’s arrest. He confessed to using Verma’s number plate on his vehicle, citing the similarity in color, model, and make of their cars. Singh faces charges under sections 420 (cheating) and 482 (using a false property mark) of the Indian Penal Code, resulting in his judicial custody pending further court proceedings.