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Watch this! sound of an hydrogen-powered Car

Toyota is putting an hydrogen-powered Corolla into a racing series this year and the footage of what the engine sounds like has been surfacing on internet. Toyota says Corolla will race in the Super Taikyu Series and is going to be powered by a retuned version of the inline-three cylinder turbocharged engine. Meanwhile, the only difference happens to be that it blows up compressed hydrogen instead of pump gas.

Now, for the one who has come here with the thoughts that hydr0gen-powered cars are likely to be pretty silent as electric vehicles, well the above footage is absolutely for you. It’s growlier and bassier than what you have expected it to be. Toyota says that the engine is even more responsive than standard ICE.

“It’s not as different as I had expected,” he says in the video. “It feels like a normal engine.” Toyota says that this is one of the technologies it is researching with a view to achieve Carbon free society. Through motorsport, the company says it hopes to create a hydrogen-based society.