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Watch Toyota Fortuner getting stuck on stairs following directions of google maps

toyota fortuner stuck google maps

Sometimes, people use Google Maps on their phones to find their way around. But, there have been times when things didn’t go as planned. In one incident, a Toyota Fortuner got stuck in a strange place because it followed Google Maps too closely.

This happened in Ooty, Tamil Nadu, a place many tourists visit. The people in the car were trying to reach a destination using Google Maps. But instead of reaching their destination, they ended up stuck on a set of stairs.

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The road they took was very small and seemed more like a pathway for people walking, not for cars. It connected two roads. Since it was dark and hard to see, the driver might have accidentally driven onto the stairs.

It’s possible that the Google Maps app was set to show routes for walking, which could have led them there. Later, in a video, you can see police officers helping the Toyota Fortuner get out of the tricky situation. Luckily, the car wasn’t really stuck; it managed to move slowly and get back onto the road with a little help.